Who we are

Uniting over 300 Icelandic travel operators in a single community, We are on of the top providers of icelandic travel services. Our online platform provides unprecedented access to customer reviewed tours, accommodation and rental cars in Iceland, as well as unique packages, customised to meet the wishes of seasoned and first-time visitors alike.

With a wealth of resources, presented in eight languages, we out as the most comprehensive source for Icelandic travel information in existence, featuring in-depth articles to extensive travel blogs and offering you the chance to connect directly with locals for expert first hand guidance.

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate for the opportunity of welcoming visitors from across the world to this tremendous land, in this tremendous time, and we will continue to provide you with everything needed for the magnificent journey that is ahead. We are at your service.

Our mission

We are here to lead by example. We take pride in our ethics policy and incorporate it into every decision we make; honesty, trust and responsibility are the bedrocks of our vision, while a sincere commitment to environmental sustainability and management keep our hearts firmly set on the longevity and protection of Icelandic nature. At each level, integrity is the foundation for our daily practice, a critical aspect of both our advancement and international reputation.

Our passion for Iceland is only met by our ambition towards service excellence. Our team is deeply knowledgeable of Iceland, the opportunities available here, and can answer virtually every query travellers to Iceland have. We will always provide up-to-date tour and travel information, for it is our loyalty to the customer, our working partners and the natural world that unites us, and has secured our position as the go-to industry leader for Icelandic travel services.

Our Environmental Policy

At Guiding.is, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and advancing an increased awareness of tourism’s effects on the environment. By promoting eco-friendly behaviors, a dedication to sustainability, and environmental protections against pollution and habitat destruction, we believe we can preserve the natural features that make Iceland the unique ecosystem it is.

To do our part, our daily business operations have been designed to minimize our environmental footprint:

– A message of genuine environmental respect is carried throughout our product offerings and within our company culture.

– New processes and resources required for company operations are created to limit the consumption of natural resources.

– We take great care in minimizing the creation of waste and have embraced recycling as a cornerstone of our company ethos.

– Paper is used only when necessary and is recycled whenever possible. Meetings, memos, and tasks are all set, sent, and completed electronically.

– Employees are encouraged to conserve energy by turning off lights and electronics whenever office areas and equipment are not in use. The use of public transportation is also encouraged.

We pride ourselves on promoting the message of environmental conservation to our tour operators, partners, and travelers, so that the world may continue to responsibly experience Iceland’s natural splendor.