7 Thing To Do In Iceland During Winter

1. Food and drinks

– with homey and chic decors, the cafes and bars of Iceland are worth visiting. Especially during winter, one may prefer sitting inside a warm and cozy place while they’re filling their tummy with famous Icelandic delicacies.

From beers to cocktails, Iceland sure knows how to impress the visitors. They even have beer tours if you’d like to check that out.

– to say that Icelandic food is great would be an understatement. With fresh ingredients and chefs that believe in quality and innovation, the food here is one of the best that you’ll ever try. You’d want to take a Reykjavik food walk to explore the range that is offered there. If you’re up for it, the Viking sushi tour in Stykkisholmur is an option too. You’ll get to taste some mouthwatering sushis and seafood while you’re here, all the while surrounded by and exploring some picturesque landscapes.

2. Enjoy winter festivals

This includes festivals like~

-New year’s Eve: Icelanders really know how to party. Reykjavik is the place you might want to go for celebrating new year’s Eve. A lot of dancing, partying, food, and spectacular fireworks definitely sounds like a great idea to start your new year with.

-Iceland airwaves: it’s a world-renowned music fest that attracts music enthusiasts from all over the world. If you’re into music, this is something that you have to try during your visit to Iceland. Performers like Bjork and Yoko Ono have been there before.

-Christmas markets: with its perfect wintry landscapes that give you all the winter wonderland feels, Iceland is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas. During the month of December, several Christmas Markets pop up across the country and have their own special kind of charm. They leave you feeling all warm and mushy, with festive vibes in the air.

3. Take an ice cave tour

– Only available during the winter season, these tours are something that you definitely should visit. Shapes, spaces formed in between glaciers that you can explore as you walk through them. This is something that happens only during the coldest months and leaves the place looking all shades of beautiful blue like you’ve never seen before. You can also combine snowmobiling and glacier hiking with this.

4. See the northern lights

– aurora borealis or commonly known as the northern lights, is one of the most remarkable and phenomenal things that you’ll have the honor of witnessing in your lifetime. Dancing and swaying lights against a dark, clear sky on a wintry night. You can book a northern lights tour or travel to someplace away from light pollution. Since nights are longer and darker during winters, the chances of seeing these lights increase a lot more.

5. Explore the capital

– Reykjavik is one of the best places that you could visit in Iceland. It has a lot to offer and one can find themselves indulged in a lot of activities while here. A city walking tour or a hop-on hop-off tour could be pretty fun too! One can go watch the northern lights from Reykjavik too.

6. Hike to the hot springs

– Cooler temperatures allow a less tiresome hike and it’s so worth it especially when there’s a hot spring waiting for you at the end of the journey. One can visit places like the hot springs in Reykjadalur, the blue lagoon, and the secret lagoon for an extremely wonderful experience. Make sure to have the proper gear for the cold temperatures, so you don’t get yourself sick. At the end of the day, there’s always a hot pool to relax and soak in after the long hikes.

7. Go skiing

– Iceland has comparatively small skiing areas and the mountains aren’t very high. If you’re looking for a family-friendly experience then you’d like to visit the blue mountains situated near Reykjavik. On the other hand, if you’re looking for some adventure then we’d suggest Akureyri. A very beautiful city situated in the north with some very amazing skiing places. Few other charming towns like Dalvik, Isafjordur, and Siglufjordur offer a very good skiing experience too.