8 Reasons To Hike The Laugavegur

1. Visit the unexpected Icelandic Highlands


– The spirit of Iceland lies within these enchanting highlands. The moment isn’t very far away when they’re announced as the largest National park in the nation. Comprising of the vast black desert, unique ranges of volcanic mountains, shining glaciers, geothermal oasis, and many more other undiscovered faces. You ought to visit this mysterious landscape lying within the insides of Iceland.


2. LAUGAVEGUR is exactly what solo Travelers need


– If you’re going solo and love adventures then what better place than one of the safest countries in the world, full of wilderness and mind-blowing experiences. Iceland makes a great destination for solo travelers, especially because of the absence of any dangerous animals and minimal criminal activity. Summers make a very good time to visit this place since there’s light during the night too, making it easier for the travelers to make the most of their adventure, test, and discover themselves. all the while having the security and safety they need to have a memorable, stress-free and fun experience.


3. One of the world's top hiking paths


-Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls trails have been chosen amongst the top 20 best hiking trails in the world by National Geographic. If you’ve to pick one of the most mesmerizing and beautiful hikes in Iceland, then this one definitely takes the trophy.


4. Have a gripping tale to tell


– The experience you’ll have here is one for the books. You could pass down the tales to the generations to come in your family or talk about it on your first date. Create blogs out of it and share your story with the world or spread the wisdom while sitting around a bonfire during your next adventure. Either way, you’d be glad to have had the fortunate opportunity to get the chance to experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


5. Set a challenge for yourself, and enjoy the rewards


– This experience easily challenges your body, mind, and soul. This is the time when you learn and understand yourself better. You get to know about all your strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, what better time than this to challenge your limits and expand your boundaries.


6. Meet new people from all around the world and make new friends.


– Okay but imagine how amazing it would be to have friends with the same liking as you. Over here you’re most likely to bump into fellow adventurers and make memories that’ll last for a lifetime. Together you’ll push each other in the forward direction, all the while having fun and experiencing contentment. This lays a solid foundation for a very beautiful lifelong friendship.


7. On the way, run into yourself.


– As you walk through this wilderness, you’re bound to learn more things about yourself. A life-changing experience that’ll provoke thoughts like never before. Being so close to nature and all the wonders that it has to offer, you’ll get closer to yourself, be able to understand your mind and spirit better. You’ll walk out of the tunnel after the journey as a changed, better man.


8. Take a walk through the fire and ice.


– Iceland, the country of fire and ice. You can experience this phrase fully during your visit here. You’ll find rough solidified lava stretched for miles and miles which is adorned by luscious green moss, along with snow sprinkled on it like a cherry on top of the cake. From far away you can see snowy peaks of the mountains and rising steam from the ground under you. The beautiful contrast of fire and ice which you’ll never get to see elsewhere.