Places to see on Snaefellsnes

1. Kirkjufell

The star of Snaefellsness you ask? Ha ds down, the kirkjufell mountain. A paradise for all the photographers, as the mountain acts as the jaw-dropping background for the waterfall. Availability of parking space beside the road to the mountain increases the accessibility. Kirkjufellsfoss is positively one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Iceland.

2. The cliffs at Arnarstapi

Arnarstapi, a cozy village, is home to big cliffs. These cliffs get hit by waves and there’s a small walking trail that leads you to places worth stopping by.

Olafsvik is one of the best campsites that you’ll find in Iceland. 10/10 recommended.

3. Driving through the Lava fields

You might need to take a little detour but trust me it’ll be worth it. Drive through one of the gravel roads and explore the unique lava fields. Roughly near Berserkjahraun, only lava fields you’ll find that will give you access to a road in between. If you’ve trouble navigating, there’s always Google maps to the rescue!

4. Natural hot spring Landbrotalaug

How does a warm bath in a natural geothermally heated spring after a day full of driving around sound to you? To my ears, pretty fantastic. At the temperature of 40 degrees, two hot springs are located here. There’s big one adjacent to the pump and another is a smaller one, that can accommodate four people. This one’s across the river.

You’d like to note that there aren’t any changing rooms or toilets around. So make your arrangements accordingly.

An uneven pebbly road will lead you here with the help of Google maps.

5. Volcanic crater eldborg

A volcano that was active 5000 years ago, situated near the natural hot springs. There’s a 40 minutes hike to the crater. Pack in all the necessities and enjoy the journey!

6. Picturesque churches

By now we’ve established the fact that this peninsula is full of picture-perfect places. Making it to this list are the two churches~ Ingjaldshólskirkja and Búdakirkja.

The former is a hidden treasure while the latter makes an excellent location for wedding photoshoots.