Romantic things to do in Iceland

Gaze at the Northern Lights

Okay imagine this~ you’re snuggled up beside your partner, on a cold winter night inside the blankets. And then nature decides to put up a phenomenal light show for you. Neon bright colored lights swaying against the night sky, sounds wonderful? It indeed in reality is.

Visit Iceland and gaze at the jaw-dropping Northern Lights with your partner. There’s a slight catch though. No matter how hard we wish to call them upon us, we can’t. They appear all naturally. So the most preferable way to catch them is joining one of the guided Northern Lights tours. Led by Aurora experts who know the routes all too well and have spent hours planning and researching on the subject. So, trust them and get yourself the best spot and be ready to get your minds blown by the great Northern Lights.

Soak in the Blue Lagoon

Easily one of the most romantic places you’d ever come across. It looks like something straight out of a fairy’s book. Turquoise blue waters framed by moss-covered lava fields, adding on, the elegant architecture with the striking Scandinavian essence.

Also, can we just talk about the water itself? The gentle warmth of it feels like a soothing hug and the natural silica present inside exfoliates your skin.

To enjoy some sweet alone time, find saunas, steam caves, and cozy nooks. It’ll be an escape from reality, amidst a volcanic landscape, with your lover.

Let’s not forget to mention the Lava restaurant. World-beating chefs come together and work their hands to create magic which is then served to you in the form of the dish after dish. Made from fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients, the food will have you licking your fingers.

Pro tip: won’t be a very bright idea to soak your long hair in the water, unless you want stiff 80s hair. Put some conditioner into your hair and let it stay in.

Treat yourself to a nice dinner

What better way to spend an evening with your partner than some fine wine and dine? If you aren’t willing to burn a hole in your wallet, then might as well pick an evening and treat yourself. Enjoy the night trying some Icelandic cuisine~food and drinks.

Look for a set menu if you’re wanting to share some dishes or let the waiter just surprise you if you aren’t really a picky eater and like experiencing new things.

Hike and bathe in Reykjadalur

Smokey hot springs and fumy pillars equal the smoky valley. Dare you forget to pack your bathing suit and hiking shoes. I can assure you that it’s going to be something you remember for a long time. The breathtaking scenery during the hike, a river that’ll lead you through the valley and towards the bathing spot, all of it is stunning.

Best part? The further you follow the river, the warmer it gets. So just find a spot that is warm enough for you and soak it all in with closed eyes.

On a side note, there ain’t any changing facilities. Make sure to carry extra-large towels to shield yourself, cause that’s the maximum amount of privacy that you’ll get. Have a fun time with your partner while you’re at it!

Go on a food/ beer tour

World-renowned for its clean crystal clear glacial water and quality food ingredients. The word has it, Iceland’s waterworks its own magic when it comes to the taste of Icelandic beer. Sounds fascinating, yeah? So make sure to do as many things as you can. Take food walks around Reykjavík, try a local cooking class, or for the parched tourists, the Reykjavík beer tour. What better way to spend a delightful evening with your lover than this!

Visiting a waterfall

You ever watch a movie and see the lovers confessing their undying love for each other, with a magnificent waterfall as the backdrop? It surely looks surreal, the natural beauty and the crisp air around and sound of the flowing water. Well, guess what? You can recreate the scenario for yourself in Iceland!

You’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Be it the famous ones like Gullfoss ( SouthWest) and Skógafoss (south) or the lesser popular but beautiful nonetheless like  Goðafoss (North) and Rjúkandi (east). Pick any of the lots and create some magical moments with your love.

Share a ‘Bragðarefur’

Heard of the saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”? Just like that, when in Iceland, spark some more romance with your partner by sharing this, just like the locals do. It’s basically their love language. All you’ve to do is pick soft serve ice cream from the machine and then top it with your choice of toppings viz. fruit, sauce, or candy. Then this is swirled together and blend to perfection. Serve it to your partner and feed each other some Loving bites from the same tub! Ah, how romantic.

Take a walk along the sea

Just imagine, sailing around in a boat in the ocean as you sit across your lover and absorb in the striking scenic beauty. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? So make your way down to the Sæbraut and soak in the marvelous beauty of Mt. Waha that looks over Reykjavík at all hours of the day. While boating doesn’t forget to sneak a peek at the random Island of Viðey that peaks up from the bay.

Descend further towards Harpa Musical Hall and take in the light display before making your way to the old harbor. This place completely makes you forget that you’re in the capital. It’s characterized by a homey, cozy, and welcoming charm, the one of a small friendly town you read about in books. Make sure to visit the yellow lighthouse and the outdoor artwork ‘Þúfan’. We hope you have a great time!