Things to do during bad weather in Iceland

Visit Iceland's bars and cafes

What better way than to spend an evening with your favorite beverage in hand while you sit in a homey cafe and watch the storm!

In larger towns like Reykjavík or Akureyri, there’ll be a lot of options to choose from. Take a stroll around and visit the cafe that catches your eye. In the countryside, ask around for open cafes to the locals. While in towns that are really small, rest stops or cafes will be available as a part of a local gas station. Just look around and be their guest.

Enjoy Iceland's pools

Get soaked in a pool as it storms outside. Nothing better than this to explain and experience the stark contrasting features of Iceland. There are usually several swimming pools and natural hot springs in most towns of the country. If you’re fortunate enough, there’ll be an exclusive hot tub in your living quarters too.

Icelanders love being in the water a.e lucky for them they have a lot of options to select from. Situated outdoors and geothermally heated, these pools are really something worth experiencing! Relax in the pools, or hit a steam bath or sauna if you may, to prevent a cold nose. The swimming pools are chlorinated and the visitors need to take a naked shower before entering the pool to maintain cleanliness.

Go to a concert

Iceland’s big on music. No matter what your taste is, don’t miss out on experiencing this. There’s always a lot to choose from. Usually, these concerts happen in cafes or bars and quite occasionally require an entry fee. So walk right in and let it surprise you.

Visit the local museums

Along with maintaining the natural beauty of the landscape, Iceland also strongly believes in keeping its rich cultural history and heritage intact. There are several museums and places from where you can gain bounds of knowledge. Namely~

  1. Húsavík Whale museum
  2. Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft, Hólmavik
  3. Arctic Fox center and cafe, Súðavík
  4. The Icelandic Sea monster museum, Bildudalur

Go see a movie

Before you tell me that you didn’t book a ticket just to come and spend time watching a movie, just hear me out. It’ll be one of the cheapest yet memorable experiences that you’ll get here. They’ve movie nights at little pop-up cinemas so you can get all the local experience. Movies are shown in the language they’re produced in along with Icelandic subtitles.

In Reykjavik, you’ll find this magnificent art house cinema called Bíó Paradis, which is run by Filmmakers with the goal to let film culture in Iceland flourish.

So on a stormy night, go grab a movie ticket and have a novel experience of revisiting the golden era of cinema as you get refills on your refreshments.

Visit Harpa concert hall

Home to the Icelandic symphony orchestra and office of the Icelandic Opera, this architectural beauty is something that everyone should view at least once.

Harpa has been decorated with many awards and it isn’t difficult to see why. It’d be a totally pleasing experience to leisurely take a stroll and gaze at this marvelous beauty with various colored glass windows built in a way to resemble basalt columns.

If you get hungry, there’s a cafe and a swanky restaurant too. Outside eatables aren’t allowed.

Don’t forget to check out for any tickets available for shows, which happen quite frequently for English-speaking visitors, artists, and the locals.

Feel the storm

When I say feel the storm, by no means do I mean to say that walk headfirst into a terrible weather condition. We don’t want you risking your health now, do we?

What we want you to do instead is get yourself wrapped in warm clothing and admire the storm from afar. Watch as the sea churns and the winds rumble, and appreciate the wonders of mother nature. Don’t stand outside for too long though, retire on time to your heated shelter and have a good night’s rest.

Catch an Icelandic show

Along with music concerts, you’ll also find some pretty interesting drag shows happening in Reykjavik. Some worth checking out being~ Gaukurinn, Húrra, Kíki, and loft.

Goldengang Comedy hosts comedy nights at the dive metal bar Gaukurinn on weekdays and shows at the Secret cellar bar most evenings. Lebowski Bar and Loft Hostel have pub quizzes in English.

So basically, there’s a lot going on around. All you have to do is walk in and see what awaits you.