7 Reasons Why Iceland Should Be On Your To-do List When We Get To Travel Again

  1. Everything is miniature: if you’re looking for airy, dreamy, and cozy places then Iceland’s your spot. Its low population density reflects on the Architecture and infrastructure of the places present there. Be it museums, hotels, restaurants, theaters, or bars. This small quantity of size ensures a lot of privacy and quality.
  1. Enough space for everyone: after being holed in our homes for so long, it’s only natural to want to go outside and fill our lungs with some fresh air, make our eyes see beautiful things, and just spread out our arms to feel free like a bird. So hey, what better place than Iceland to rejuvenate yourself. With the population density of 3 people per km, there’s just about plenty of space for everyone to breathe, in peace and enjoy the striking natural beauty around.
  1. Fewer people: Iceland isn’t an overly populated country. You can go by without spotting a single house while driving in the countryside for an hour straight. Plus, it’s also going to take a while before the tourists start flooding the lands of this beautiful country. So now’s the chance to book your ticket and fly to the land of fire and ice. You won’t have to worry about the crowds or social distancing norms. Attractions rather busy on other days would have a lot of breathing space right now. From the Lava fields to the hot springs and every waterfall in between, you can take your own sweet time to absorb the beauty of this Paradise on Earth.
  1. Rejuvenated nature: a country that witnesses its fair share of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, avalanches, and tourists, it was starting to show a little bit. Now though it has had its time to heal naturally and the people living there developed the infrastructure of various places too. Needless to say, Iceland is all set to greet you with wide, open arms.
  1. How Iceland handled the pandemic: it was a bit convenient to manage the Covid-19 situation here because of the lesser population. All the citizens came together and cooperated wholeheartedly with the government in combating this virus. With effective planning and its proper execution, the number of cases has fallen quite considerably. This has resulted in the lifting of several restrictions and loosening them.
  1. Iceland’s family-friendly: this pandemic for sure made us realize the importance of our near and dear ones in life. So if you’re hoping to discover ways to spend some more time and make tonnes of valuable memories then this is the place for you. This country has basically everything to offer that’ll keep the interests of all sorts of individuals piqued. From visiting museums and local cafes to exploring its wildlife and gorgeous landscapes, there’s a lot of things to do with your family and friends.
  1. Cleanliness, Icelanders are all about hygiene: Icelanders are big on hygiene and maintaining cleanliness. Even if you’re more on the slacker side, they’ll make you clean yourself thoroughly before you enter any pool or hot spring. Mind you, there’s a lot of them, each one better than the other. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of getting soaked in these warm, relaxing waters and experience absolute bliss.