Tour To The Diamond Circle Of Iceland

DAY 1: Reykjavík

If you’ve booked a guide, after your landing at the Keflavik International Airport, they’ll transfer you smoothly to Reykjavík. You’ll find several comfortable accommodations in the middle of the city. We’d recommend the Alda Hotel, Situated in Laugavegur, which is a commercial part of the city. Alda will make sure that your stay there is going to be memorable, they even have boutique accommodation.

DAY 2: Gullfoss, Thingvellir National park

Get on the road and start on the Golden Circle tour, an exquisite way to explore Iceland’s popular and stunning views. The journey will start with the gorgeous waterfall of Gullfoss and move on to the geothermal part. The original Geysir resides here. It offers a marvelous show where a thermal column of water rises up at the interval of every 4-8 minutes to the height of approx 100 feet in the air. Then you’ll head towards Thingvellir National park which is under UNESCO’S preservation. Here the beauty you’ll witness will be beyond words.

DAY 3: Lake Myvatn

In northeast Iceland, there’s Fosshotel Myvatn. You can stay here for the coming 2 days. Consisting of 92 rooms in total, every single one of them offers jaw-dropping views of the scenery around. The architecture and overall planning of this place are pretty appreciable, taking care of the environment around with its sustainable features. Myvatn is full of cold freshwater springs, unique made-ups of lava, boiling pools of mud, and steaming volcanic ground. Settlements in this area date back to the age of Vikings. With this tour, you’ll get to learn so much about their culture and along the way find local hidden treasures, not to forget having fun while you’re at it.

You’ll be served your lunch at Vogafjos. They have a lot of home-cooked local delicacies to offer. Geothermally provided heat is used to bake the rye bread. You can also try smoked trout, cheese, and icecreams. Following that, go get soaked in the Myvatn Nature Baths and relax yourselves.

DAY 4: Gjástykki, Vatnajökul National Park

Here you’ll find the stunning red mountain of Gjástykki which contrasts so beautifully against the dark lava fields. Hire a guide and learn all about the splitting of the country in half by the tectonic movements. The next stop in the tour will be Dettifoss and the Asbyrgi canyon. Dettifoss waterfall is one of the most strong and majestic waterfalls to be found in Europe. Situated on the banks of a Fjölum river, the Jökulsá, flowing from the vatnajökull glacier.

Day 5: On your way to Akureyri stop at Goðafoss waterfall.

Goðafoss has a key role in the history of Iceland, specifically in relation to Christianity and its beginning here.

Acting as  an influential port and fishing center is the city of Akureyri. Comes in line after Reykjavík in the category of size and is considered to be the capital of the north, unofficially of course. 37 miles north of the town is the Arctic Circle. This town is located in one of the lengthiest fjords in the nation and is encircled by majestic mountains. All of it is so eye-pleasing , what do I even tell you.

Eyjafjord: get the chance to view the humpback whales of here. The boats allow only 12 passengers in one, so this ensures a quality experience of whale watching. They’re RIB made, allowing fast movement and taking you to the site real quick. A lot of areas can be covered this way, hence more chances of seeing the wildlife there at its best.

Proceed to the Blue Lagoon from here. You can stay at the Retreat. This is going to be a memorable experience, full of relaxation and refreshment. Nothing better than getting soaked in this hot spring with jaw-dropping scenery around.