7 Things To Do In North Iceland

1. Give a visit to a beer spa


– Soaking in a tub full of beer, well how does that sound to you? To me, it sure sounds like a dream come true. Bjorbodin beer spa is located not so far away from Dalvik. It provides you with a young beer body treatment and a very soothing soak. There isn’t any age limit since the beer in the tub is undrinkable. Although, right beside the tub you’ll find Kaldi, one of the favorite beers of Icelanders.

– The tub in which you’ll get soaked, is made up of Kambala wood. It’s filled with the following contents~ water, salt, beer, live beer yeast, beer oil, and young beer. All these components are rich in potassium, iron, zinc, and protein, thus helping your skin and hair to rejuvenate. It’s suggested to take a shower after 4 hours of the soak so the skin gets enough time to absorb everything in.

-The best part is that it’s available throughout the year, whenever you visit.


2. Journey to the island of Grimsey


If visiting the arctic circle is on your bucket list, a trip to Grimsey Island is a good way to start. It’s located just 40 kilometers off the northern shores and laps with the Arctic Circle.

 Grimsey is home to a huge variety of beautiful birds. All the visiting birds to Iceland can easily be spotted here. A list of famous birds that you can see here is ~ northern fulmar, black-legged kittiwake, razorbill, Atlantic puffin, and guillemot. Grimsey also has colossal colonies of puffin.

 All the photography enthusiasts can visit this place during summer to get the midnight sun as the background for all the natural shots. In winters one could see the northern lights from here. Other few things that you can do here include- visiting an 800-year-old church, trying delicious local cuisine, and going for a dive in the pools.

 If you’re planning a trip here, then don’t worry about the timing. You can visit it all year round, the guesthouse is always available. Just make sure to pack properly for the winters since the temperatures can drop pretty low.

 To go to Grimsey island, one can either take a ferry from Dalvik or a flight from Akureyri. Check for the schedules beforehand and book in advance.


3. Explore Askja area


– It’s a volcanic caldera that is home to three geothermal crater lakes namely~
Askja Lake, Öskjuvatn Lake, and Viti Volcano Lake.

This place is bound to leave you speechless with its marvelous beauty. Surrounded by the high peaks of the dragon mountains, these lakes appear small in comparison.

– Its outer-worldly scenery was one of the reasons that this place was used as a training ground for pilots by NASA, before the Apollo 11 mission that happened in the year 1969.

– Summer is the best time to visit this place since weather conditions in winter can become quite rough and unpredictable.




– This is the oldest church of Iceland and is situated on the western shore of the peninsula of Trollaskagi. Guðmundur Guðmundsson, a carver, erected it in the 17th century on the foundations of an even earlier church.

Long after it was built, it got desecrated and was used as a toolshed for some time.
In the 1950s it got renovated by the national museum of Iceland since the turf oratory was intact, fortunately.

– It’s accessible all year around. Although adverse, harsh, or rough climatic conditions in winter, might hinder your journey to this church.

– To visit this church, drive towards the town of Hofsos after taking road 76 off the northern part of the ring road.


5. In Dalvik, you may go whale watching.


– Dalvik is the whale watching capital of Iceland. This beautiful village is situated in the peninsula of Trollaskagi, by the shores of the northern Atlantic Ocean, wherein resides a range of whales during the months of summer. You can book a whale watching tour and have a very memorable experience seeing these gentle giants.

When in Dalvik, one can also go skiing in the alpines. When visiting this peninsula, there are several hiking opportunities.

You’re most likely to see several whales during the summer season.

To reach Dalvik, you’ll have to take road 82 off the northern part of the ring road and drive ahead for around 35 kilometers.


6. Visit the Arctic henge


– In the northeastern village of Raufarhöfn, is located the Arctic henge. It’s a mighty stone sculpture, which is currently under construction and is ought to be used as a symbol for Nordic paganism in Iceland. This project began in 1996 and is going to be a sundial, which will reflect the midnight sun most perfectly.

– The Arctic henge is called Heimskautsgerðið and was inspired by an old Eddic poem~ Völuspá, which means the prophecy of Seeress. It’s an architectural marvel with a beautiful history which you should definitely check out.

– It hasn’t been popularised yet so the experience that you’ll have here will be one that’ll be full of solitude and peace.

– It’s open to visiting at all times of the year.

– To visit, take road 85 off the northern part of the ring road and then head further north from the Nordausturvegur Road. 22 km more and you shall reach your destination.


7. A self-drive journey around the Arctic coast


– If you’re looking for the true essence and spirit of Iceland then take off on this wonder-full journey. Along your route, you’ll find 18-20 geothermal pools, some charming and authentic fishing villages, a few islands, and a lot of never seen attractions of northern Iceland. Take this tour and learn about all the undiscovered wilderness that is out there, residing in the Arctic.

– You can visit it during summer as well as winter. Both have their specific, unique sets of perks. In summer you can enjoy the midnight sun during your drive and during the winter you can catch many glimpses of the mighty northern lights. This coast way is somewhere around 900 km long, so pack accordingly. You may also book a SELF-DRIVE TOUR OF THE ARCTIC COAST WAY to visit the sights of north Iceland.

– Although you can travel here at all times of the year, just keep in mind that winters can get a little rough and you might want to adjust your timings accordingly to reach from one place to another.

– If you’re beginning from the west and taking this route, Hvammstangi is the place to go. Bakkafjordur is your starting point if you start from the east.