Why Rent A Car In Iceland?

•Why rent a car in Iceland? Things you should know

One of the most common questions that people ponder over before visiting Iceland is whether they should rent a car or book a bus tour. Well, the answer to it depends on how many days you’re staying. If it’s just a 2-3 days trip, then you’d want to book a bus tour and squeeze in maximum places to visit during that duration. Whereas, if you’re there for quite some days then renting a car would be a more logical decision.

The idea of renting a car is to help you explore and visit places at your own pace and in accordance. You can decide your stops and time your trips as you please.
If you’re visiting during winter or any other season other than summer, renting a 4×4 car would be a good decision.
Traveling during the summer, especially if following the main road 1, won’t require you a 4×4 car.
If traveling off the ring road is on your list then I’d recommend you to get travel insurance. Since there’s a good amount of gravel, sand, and small rocks flying up and hitting your windshield, there’ll be some strict rules that your car rental agency will advise you to follow.
Make sure to get portable wifi from your car rental if your Mobile network operator doesn’t provide a good data travel pack. This will help you stay connected to the world, be it social media or Google maps for finding your way through unknown places.

•Few tips about driving in Iceland

– the majority of roads in Iceland are narrow and during the summer season, you’re prone to find sheep in the middle of the road. You either wait for them to cross the road or honk your way through the herd.
– in absence of a credit card with a pin, make sure to get a gas card. It’s a prepaid card that can be used to pay for gas in the gas stations.
– while visiting during winter, don’t forget to check the website ~The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, www.road.is. and the Icelandic Met Office.
This will help you to learn about the weather, the roads, and their conditions across the country before traveling, so you can be properly prepared.

– for road and weather conditions call on 1778, while traveling.
– wearing a seatbelt at all times is compulsory.
– 112 is the number for the official Iceland emergency service.
– keep the headlights on 24 hours of the day.
– driving off-road is against the law.
– turning right on a red light is strictly not allowed.