8 Things To Do With Family(Kids) In Iceland

1. See the Northern lights


– Now there are a few requirements to view the northern lights. If you’re traveling with your children, don’t wing it and wander around in the wild. Beforehand book accommodation in a place that’s away from any kind of light pollution, gives you a wake-up call for the Northern lights, and has access to large windows or balconies, so you can watch it alongside your child from the comfort of your staying place. Visit in the winter months to maximize your chances of witnessing the gorgeous aurora borealis.


2. Camping under the midnight sun


– A visit during the summer months to Iceland means getting the chance to gaze at the Marvelous midnight sun. The sun never really sets and there’s always sunlight around. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Now imagine your child’s excitement as they witness this beautiful phenomenon. You can use a campervan or put up tents and take in the glorious sight. Make sure to pack in sleep masks to ensure a good night’s rest for your child and yourself too.


3. Go hiking


– One of the best ways to make your child understand nature truly in its raw form. With scenic beauty around and walking on paths that you’ve never been to before would definitely make an adventurous experience, one for the books. Make sure to carry enough water and food supplies, especially for your kid. Don’t forget to put them in comfortable footwear so they don’t hurt themselves while hiking. Here are some famous hikes you can go to~

– Fimmvörduháls trek
– Kjölur Trek
– Glymur Waterfall hike -Brennisteinsalda-Bláhnúkur loop


4. Swimming in a geothermal pool


– Iceland has its fair share of geothermally heated pools, hot springs, and even local pools around the towns. What better way than to get soaked in some warm water and have the children play and splash around in it. How fun is that! Blue Lagoon and secret lagoon make it to our top-tier list of pools that you ought to visit.


5. Experience whale watching


– If you’re visiting between April and September, you definitely have to put this on your list. The best months precisely for whale watching would be June, July, and August. Imagine the fascinated look on your kid’s faces as they set out on this little adventure of watching whales! People of all age groups can avail themselves of this tour, in fact kids below the age of 6 can get a ticket free of cost!


6. Walk into a glacier-icy tunnel


– It’s not every day that you come across man-made tunnels carved into glaciers. Your child will love this little exploring of the tunnels. With their uniqueness and eye-catching beauty, it’ll be difficult for your child to keep themselves from marveling at this fine piece of the specimen. You can take a tour of Langjökull, which is carved in the second largest glacier of Iceland. It’ll lead you from one chamber to another, each one different from the other and equally striking. Your kid won’t forget this experience, we promise that!


7. Have a fast and furious experience on a dog sled


 Winter months, snow-covered landscapes, beautiful scenery around, and cute Huskies! I mean all of it sums up to a very memorable experience. Children above the age of 7 are allowed to go solo on a sled, and the ones below that age are accompanied by a guardian. If you’re visiting in summer, then you can try the dog scootering activity. Either way, both will be equally fun and you’re kids are bound to have an amazing experience.


8. Explore Reykjavík's kid-friendly museum


– This capital city of Iceland is full of amazing things and marvelous places to go to. Along with your kid, you can visit the Saga museum, maritime museum, children’s concert at the Harpa concert hall, and many more. Your child will have a great time, we assure you. While you’re at it grab some delicacies like the hot dog and waffles, one can never go wrong with that!