7 Ways To Enjoy Snow In Iceland

1. Admire glittering icebergs


– As you go along the southeast, you’ll find breathtaking spots to gaze at the icebergs. Make sure to include The Diamond Beach and the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon in your itinerary. Them being right across each other makes it more convenient for you to absorb the beauty of all of it together. A photographer would die to be there and capture it in his lenses, and one can surely not miss the occasional seals floating around. Chunks of ice on black sand glistening and shining under the bright sun would be seen at the diamond beach. None of it is a sight to be missed.


2. Take pictures of icy waterfalls.


 Going to Iceland in winter has its own set of perks. It’s literally like a winter wonderland for a photographer. The landscapes are icy, frosty, and shimmery under the sunlight. During the daytime, the blue of the waterfall glistens under the golden light, making all of it look like it’s straight out from a fairy tale.


3. Visit the blue lagoon


– Okay but how exciting it is to soak in a geothermal swimming pool, surrounded by nature in the middle of winter! Iceland is full of natural hot springs and pools which you can visit to make your time in Iceland even more memorable. Doesn’t matter if it’s the blue lagoon or a local pool in Reykjavik, getting yourself immersed in the warm water as you watch snowflakes land around you, is definitely going to ensure that you have a very good time. You might even catch a glimpse of the marvelous northern lights if lady luck is in your favor.


4. In search of the northern lights.


– Visiting in between the months of October and March would be a good idea if you want to check out ‘watching the northern lights off your bucket list. These months ensure longer nights and darker skies. Make sure to stay in a place away from any kind of light pollution and has clear skies. You can schedule a northern lights trip and even check the aurora forecast from the Icelandic Met Office for weather forecasts.

This is going to be an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives, watching northern lights on a quiet night against a snowy backdrop, ah how beautiful!


5. Experience the glaciers


– Exploring and walking on glaciers is one of the most beloved outdoor activities for all adventure-loving travelers. These surfaces are ornamented with sinkholes, ice ridges, and crevasses, and guided trips are offered to observe them. Visitors also enjoy strolling inside an ice tunnel created by a glacier. It’s not safe alone out there, so make sure to have a proper professional team with you.


6. Go snowmobiling


– If you like the thrill of zooming across vast snowy landscapes then this one’s definitely for you. No matter what part of the country, in winter this activity is pretty popular over there. From glaciers like langjökull to the highlands and the north, you can explore anywhere with your sweet ride.


7. Participate in snow activities


– If you’re an amateur at snow sport but love the thrill and excitement of it anyway, then you’re at the right place at the right time.
Try out some Icelandic slopes and go for a snowshoe tour in the highlands.
May and September are the best times for all hiking lovers. The summer months make the routes more approachable along with natural sunlight adding an enchanting beauty to the trails.