Things to do in Southern Iceland

1. Reykjavik

Don’t underestimate this capital city and use it just as a passing-by stop on your way to and from the airport. It’s full of places that deserve to be stopped and stared at.

Few of them being~

  1. i) The Hallgrímskirkja church: unique and one of its kind, the small entry fee to enter this church will totally be worth it. The scenery from there is striking.
  2. ii) The Harpa concert hall: you cannot miss out on this masterpiece of architecture. Beautiful inside out, you can spend a memorable evening here.

iii) The sun voyager art installation: made of steel to look like a Viking ship, is situated right on the ocean and its elegant new age design is pretty stunning.

2. The Blue Lagoon

With beautiful blue water placed against contrasting black lava rocks, this is hands down one of the most stunning places you’ll come across in Iceland. Geothermally heated water that’ll do wonders to your skin, this lagoon is 45 minutes away from Reykjavik.

A reservation is required to be made beforehand on their website. It might be a little expensive but we assure you it’s worth every penny. Base level entrance fee consists of a towel, a locker, a silica mud mask, and a beverage that pleases your taste.

3. Thingvellir National Park

While traveling along the Golden Circle route, this will be your first stop. The one and only place on this planet that’ll allow you to see the meeting of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates above sea level. A unique landscape has been created in the park due to volcanic eruptions that drive the plates away from each other, at the rate of 2 cm per year.

Walkable routes are present in the park and you can receive all the necessary information regarding the subject in the Visitors Center.

Snorkeling in between the tectonic plates is a famous activity in this park. Silfra, a spring disrupted by fissure, has the cleanest water in the world, with over 320 feet of visibility. While you’re there, take a walk to the gorgeous Oxararfoss waterfall. The journey will be delightful.

4. Kerid Crater Lake

Made up of red Rock and blanketed by stunning green vegetation, this is a volcanic crater. A huge lake is situated in the middle which is at the same level as the water table. You can follow the stars to lead yourself to the lake or just stroll along the path that takes you around the brim of the crater.

5. Reykjadalur hot spring thermal river

This one should definitely be on your list of places to go in southern Iceland. Imagine getting to choose the temperature of water of your choice provided by mother earth. Pretty amazing yeah? The further you go, the warmer the water gets. Find the right spot for yourself and get immersed in water. With bright luscious green hills surrounding you and a wooden boardwalk to get you easy access to your soaking spot, this is the perfect place to relax. Few small screens are present to give you a little bit of privacy while changing.

The hike from the parking to the river is of approx 1.8 miles and the path is full of Striking scenes of the valley and waterfall below. You may find boiling hot springs along the way too, which you can admire from afar.

6. Bruarfoss waterfall

To say this waterfall is drop-dead gorgeous would be an understatement too. It’s a little less accessible than other waterfalls, so it has a lot few visitors. The hike from the parking is about 2.2 miles. Not really bumpy but more on the muddy side, the path will lead you to this place. If you get confused, look for hand-painted signs to follow. Once you reach your destination, you’ve my word that it’ll be one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen. Aquamarine water flowing against black rocks makes it all very stunning and soothing to the eyes. You can either stand on the wooden bridge there and enjoy the scenery or follow a small path on the left side to the base of the falls.

7. The secret lagoon

Make a secret getaway to the secret lagoon with your lover! Ah sounds so romantic. Its low popularity assures lesser crowds and a lot more privacy. This hot pool is filled with water whose temperature varies in different parts, so find the temperature that suits you the best and get soaked in blissfully. Prior reservations need not be made but a small entry fee is required. Extra charges are added if you rent a towel. Floats are available too if you want to use them. Add this secret hideaway to your list and have a relaxing time in the warm water with beautiful calming scenery around.

8. DC plane wreck

In November of 1973, this Douglas Dakota C-117 airplane was forced to make a crash landing due to severe icing. Fortunately, all 7 crew members survived. The remains of the plane have attracted a lot of tourists in the past years. From the parking to the site of the crash, it’s a 2-mile hike along a stony pathway. We’d suggest you visit early in the morning to avoid crowds and photoshoots, and get a chance to have a proper look at it.