Top 10 Things To Know While Planning A Trip To Iceland

1. Planning a trip to Blue Lagoon

You definitely can’t miss out on this terrific hot spring. While on your way out of Iceland, get a transfer from Reykjavik to the blue lagoon. It’s just a 30 min drive anyway.  You’ll be provided with proper storage for your luggage. After reaching, freshen up and visit the awe-worthy Blue Lagoon. You can also stay at the Northern Lights Inn, which is merely a km away from the blue lagoon. Shuttle buses are available that run between the hotel and lagoon, as well as the airport too, which is 25 min away.

2. Food Suggestions

The food in Iceland is exquisite. If your hotel provides you with breakfast in their offer, then take it. We promise you won’t regret this decision. Smoked salmon and eggs topping a continental dish, sounds pretty good to start your day with. The prices of food are quite fancy though. You can save money by buying lunch from a supermarket. The quality of food is good and it’s cheaper. It’ll fill you up nicely and you’ll be fine until dinner time rolls around.

While you’re there, you should definitely try the Icelandic chocolate, munch on snacks like crisps and dips, and the nation yogurt, Skyer. Its rich in protein and will fill your tummy, not to forget to mention is also very yummy.

You ought to have dinner at a nice place at least once. It’ll be worth every single penny spent. Most places even offer set menu options to make the price more convenient for their customers. Fish and lamb in Iceland are really popular and your dare not forget to try langoustines.

3. How to travel to Iceland

Keflavik international airport provides one with everything that they could need or want. With its appreciable size and variety of stores in there, one shall be sufficiently satisfied. Various ATMs are present in there, so get that Kroner from there. Also while you’re at it, don’t forget to grab this awesome coffee from Joe and the Juice.

Hire a car from here itself, so you can spend the money wisely.

Airport buses are available too. Provided by companies viz. Flybus and Grayline. On the bus, inform the driver regarding your accommodation address while getting the ticket. Next, you’ll be provided with a bus stop number for the one that’s nearest to your hotel.

4. Iceland on a budget but with wine.

Buying wine from the airport will help you get it duty-free and tax-free. This way you’ll save a lot. The store is in the baggage claim area, go there and pick out your favorites.

You’ll find bottle shops in towns like Vik, Hella, and Selfoss. A good authentic collection of wine, beer, and spirits will be found in the Vinbudin stores. They’ll be open between 12-4 pm.

Carry around your own plastic glasses for convenience purposes.

5. Want to see Nothern Lights?

September till April are ideal months for this. Make sure you’re in an area that doesn’t have light pollution, isn’t covered in clouds, and has crystal clear visibility. This will ensure a perfect view of the northern lights.

Staying at hotels like~ Hotel Ranga and Northern Lights Inn is recommended. Icelandic Met Office will fill you in with all the information that you’ll require for viewing the Aurora Borealis.

Using apps like the Northern Lights Photo Taker, would ensure better quality pictures. If you’re using a regular camera/phone, make sure to have a still base to focus well.

6. Use bank cards

Almost all places in Iceland accept cards. It’s easier and safer to carry around anyway than cash.

7. Hire a car!

It’s pretty cost-effective. Iceland’s not big on public transport. So either you’ll have to join organize your groups or rent a car. Most of the places like Geysir, Gullfoss, Diamond beach, Vik, etc. don’t even require a guide or entry fee. All you need is a vehicle to reach there and explore it on your own. We highly suggest renting a car instead of booking a whole tour, especially if you’re in a group of 3-4 people. It’ll help you save a lot of money. Car rent for a week would be approx 900 pounds and 330 pounds for petrol. You can split the cost amongst yourselves and be good to go.

With your own car, you can easily pull over to stop and admire the passing by things whenever you please. A tour bus won’t allow you that luxury.

You can ask around to the locals or your hotel people about lesser-known yet worth visiting places, and explore them on your own driving around in the car, enjoying the journey.

There’s minimal traffic outside Reykjavík so driving won’t be hectic. You can also get the experience of driving on the right side of the road if that’s how it’s not done in your country.

It’d be better to hire a 4WD, since most of the roads only allow that. If you don’t have it, check in with your hotel and be planned and prepared accordingly.

8. Photography tips and tricks

Beauty of Iceland is truly unmatched. The question is, can you capture it in your lens properly? It all really depends on the light. July is a reliable time, as well as October, for some stunning photoshoots, with the autumn season as the backdrop. There’s no certainty when it comes to the consistency of light. One moment the sun be shining bright and the next it might end up raining. But no matter what the weather is, it’ll always be a pleasure to witness the surrounding beauty of nature. You’ll find a lot of chances to see some of the most striking rainbows you’ve ever seen, in here. Stopping and staring at them will be easier if you’ve your own car during traveling.

Always keep your camera ready. You never know what moment is waiting ready for you to capture it. A waterproof camera covering is 10/10 recommended.

9. No need to buy a new sim card

It isn’t necessary to buy an Icelandic SIM card. You can first check in with your mobile network operators and see plans that’ll work out for you. Additionally, there’s the presence of wifi almost everywhere in Iceland, which is usually free of cost

10. Iceland is a popular tourist attraction, book your tickets before it is too late.

Iceland is flooding with tourists. With so many iconic places like the blue lagoon and Gullfoss residing here, it’s only going to attract more people. So head over there, the first chance you get and explore its scenic beauty and majestic landscapes, without the disturbance of too many people around.